Thursday, November 17, 2005


bro, i was sorta thinkin thata it was a "Bra" thats what i heard Bra. ya bra, u got it sorta wrong bra. yep. oh! and the azn guy who thought he was black! crazy good stuff!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A classic thespian performance encasing a tremendous dramatic film production

Last night while trying to practice the new found art/cult/religion that is Stochastination I fell into watching one of the most dramatic and greatest theatrical experiences ever put on film. The title in itself should be taken and given a prime spot in the Guttenberg. The movie is entitle 2 Fast 2 Furious and what a movie it was. With ripping dialog like:

-Hold on a sec… Bro whats up?

-Playa’ I don’t know about this.

-Whats going on bro? Somethin wrong?

-I just don’t know if I can trust him bro.

-Bro its gonna be ‘aite.

-Alright bro if you think so.

and it as not just the dialog and incredible performances from academy caliber actors. The camera work and cinematography is wonderfully done. The backside of the female form is perfectly framed up and the transitions to the woman’s chest were almost an experience in itself. The cinematographer does not hesitate to blaze the trail of showing feet, pedals, and gear shifting more than the actors themselves. It is that kind of innovation and revolution that help this movie surpass where others have made a pathetic attempt and failed. Casablanca was ok, but where was the shifting and nitrous boosts. Cut out of the movie that’s where. They did not have the determination that these filmmakers did to make the greatest movie ever made.

Here's to 3 Fast 3 Furious!


Procrastinizaztion?  I don’t know if that is a word.  But, it seems we have a common thread of procrastination and prioritization…  Two excellent ideas…

But, I am concerned as to what would happen if they were put into practice together…

Say, one decided that one needed to prioritize the activities in one’s life; but, one was also an accomplished procrastinator.  Odds are, the list of priorities would never be produced because the procrastination would preclude the prioritization…  Wild!

Now, say you weren’t such a good procrastinator and you made a prioritized list of activities.  Of course, as you needed to improve your procrastination prowess, you would place it high on the priority list…  So, when you got to that priority—BAM!!!—you would never get anything else on the list done…

It seems that these two essential elements to a well-rounded student and professional life, prioritization and procrastination, are mutually exclusive—you cannot do both…

Here is where I introduce a new concept—a revolution in the way we live our dreary, workaday lives…  The Answer for the unasked question:

Stochastination—random flipping between the two mutually exclusive states of procrastination and prioritization, characterized by random spurts of productive energy interlaced with long, restful periods of inactivity and slothfulness.

Catch you on the flip side….

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


is that a word? i have to say, my favorite songs i lisen to are now Fortune Faded, by red hot chili peppers, hungry liked the wolf and all ways somthing there to remind me, both by Reel Big Fish, and of course, Island in the Sun, by Weezer.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This blog sight has not been used much...

until andrew started school... does he have his priotities right?? blog, get drunk, party, drive, srash, die, attend own funeral, go to the after life, every thing else, then last, homework and school

i think not. homework and school should not even be there... and it seems nobody but him is posting...

Reel Big Fish is a good band, so is Weezer, and Queen, and AC/DC, and red hot chili peppers

adn so tomarow i fail the spanish test, seriously, she told us 2 days before, and she did barely any actividades about it, and we barely studied it, man, wish me luck. luckly it wont count in my quarter grade, i think...

u know what, should i get te Xbox 360 now, when it is expensive, no games are out, and ya? decisions deciosonna;sdjf asjfd

Thursday, November 03, 2005


well, i think it is amazing how andrew is still in college, and how i am in 1st for the football pickem. i have only gotten first 3 times only by one, the pther times i have tied or just didnt get the highest score for that week. my secret... dont get bad scores, just get average scores all the time, i only got 50% right one week, the others all above!! and im winning by 7 pts!!!!! the faix family and andrew and katie suck at picking!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh learning the entire course the night before the midterm study session, how I missed you.

It has been a while since I got to enjoy a good old fashioned learn everything in the entire course the night before the midterm study session oh I forgot how fun it is to plop a stack of reading taller than your head down on a desk and just stare at it muttering “there is no frekin way…” over and over again until it is time to quit. Then of course I still have the complaining about how it sure seemed like I didn’t get any studying done while muttering how there was not frekin way. Good times, good times.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Oh weeks 4 and 5 how I missed you

Well it is that magical time of year again, for some reason just because it is the middle of the term all those great midterms happen at once. That is why week four and five are so much fun, everything that can be due is due. Last week I had an essay due Wednesday and a business midterm Thursday (49/50 by the way) and this week I have the privilege to work on another essay, a spanish midterm on Thursday, and a macroeconomics midterm Friday. The macro one should be a ton ‘o fun. Oh how I love weeks 4 and 5.